Cocaine Addiction Treatment


We can Collect you from anywhere in the UK

We can collect you from anywhere in the UK safely. Also we understand how difficult it can be taking a train, bus or taxi etc to rehab so we have our own fleet of vehicles and first aid trained drivers. who drive ADUS Healthcare Cars anywhere in the UK.

Collection – Why use ADUS Healthcare

1/ ALL our collection drivers are trained by the “British Red Cross” in General First Aid. and ALL hold a current certificate. This training includes: unconscious breathing and non breathing casualties. recovery position, CPR, Choking, Major bleeding and shock, burns, fractures. sprains and strains, head injury, poisons, fits and seizures.

2/ We encourage drinking alcohol on route to the rehab centres for medical reasons. If someone with a heavy addiction to alcohol goes without alcohol for a length of time, they can have a fit or a seizure. or in some cases can bring on a stroke or can be fatal. We are trained to handle strokes and fits so don’t worry.

3/ We also take breaks on route if the client is feeling sick. hungry or may need the toilet etc. It is always a very relaxed journey to the rehab centres.

4/ If you would like us to take you or a loved one in to rehab, once you have booked a car,.that car will not take anymore booking for that day. You do not pay for the day. but the car is available for the day, should you need it.

5/ ALL our collection vehicles will always be presented clean and tidy inside and out. We can provide prestige unmarked cars as well as our other cars.

If you would like more details of our collection service from anywhere in the UK. call our team now on Tel: 0845 3881 543 or Mobiles call. We are open 24 hours a day, everyday.